Bet on Beach Volleyball – The Game’s Beginnings

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In the beginning, beach volleyball was a sport that families would play on their day at the beach, obviously. They used to make two teams of six players each and play until one of them was left behind on points.

It is believed that the sport first appeared in California, specifically in Santa Monica. There, at the Playground (on one of its beaches), the first volleyball courts were placed.

If you want to bet on beach volleyball, you have clearly played the game before. It’s true, the sports stage doesn’t often include beach volleyball, but that doesn’t mean the game is not popular.

Every country or region that has a beach has seen tournaments or competitions, casual, local, or bigger, being played on the burning sand. Therefore, why wouldn’t you be able to place a bet on it?

Betting on Beach Volleyball with Us

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And, as always – don’t forget to enjoy the game!