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Even though it is a less-known sport, handball still has plenty of enthusiasts. Indeed, it is mostly played as a recreational sport, especially in Europe – but that doesn’t mean it has been forgotten by the professional stage.

Bet on Handball while Enjoying the Game

For example, a quick interesting fact for you, the best-paid women’s handball player in the world is Cristina Neagu, which has a yearly revenue of around $305,000, surpassing even the Norwegian professional handball player, Nora Mork.

As the sport is not that popular, you’ll have to bring in your handball predictions if you want your first bet to be successful. However, that’s not a hard task for you, since there are few teams that play the game on a professional level.

A Short History of Handball

Handball is a fairly new game, as it was codified only at the end of the 19th century. Northern Europe is the one to claim credit for this sport, primarily countries such as Sweden, Denmark, Norway, and Germany.

This sport is basically a court game that resembles soccer and basketball. Most of its rules are borrowed from soccer, while the hand-handling of the ball is borrowed from basketball.

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